Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Lent 31: Clutter-free Christianity!

When did the Christian life become so complicated? You want to please God, but your spiritual to-do list keeps getting longer. With a never-ending inventory of requirements for being a godly parent, spouse, voter, employee, and more, do you feel increasingly disconnected from the God you’re trying to serve?

Cut through the clutter and get to the heart of what it means to please God. In this liberating look at the core principles of faith, Dr. Robert Jeffress shows what God really wants from you–and what He wants to do for you. These solid biblical teaching and practical insights point to a revitalized faith centered on becoming more like Jesus in action, attitude, and affection. Learn to partner with God in the process of spiritual transformation as you choose to follow Christ in forgiveness, obedience, trust, contentment, service, and prayer.

By focusing on experiencing the kingdom of God right now, you’ll find your to-do list shrinking and your spiritual life deepening. Embrace Clutter-Free Christianity! The book includes a Bible study guide for personal growth and group discussion.

Dr. Jeffress is the senior pastor of First Baptist Dallas, one of the most historic churches in the Southern Baptist Convention. He's written sixteen books, is a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary and Southwest Baptist Theological Seminary. Dr. Jeffress’ weekly messages are broadcast live to millions of listeners and viewers each week, and his daily sermon series airs on 1,100 television stations and cable systems nationwide. He and his wife Amy have two adult daughters.

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  1. By the way - a free copy is up for grabs! Let me know why it should be yours.