Monday, September 17, 2012

Everyone does what is right in their own eyes...

Stella McCartney
Two posts caught my eye on news feeds today. The first is how the "ethical" Stella McCartney (famed designer-daughter of Paul) shows her integrity: though she supports abortion and other so-called "human rights" she will not use leather or fur in her vegan fashion lines. Her values include environmentalism.

Sarah Catt
The second post featured Sarah Catt, a mother who poisoned her child at 39-week of pregnancy. She shows no remorse (has had other abortions, extra-marital affairs, etc.) and was sentenced to eight years in jail. Authorities haven't been able to find the baby. Her values include extreme selfishness.

The biblical history lessons in Judges (7th book of the Bible, if you're not familiar with it) tell how "everyone did what was right in their own eyes" whenever a strong leader died. With high cultural  "tolerance" for sin disguised as new morality, those who shout their values seem to get respect.

I'm not talking about Christians shouting that the world is wicked and going to hell. Those voices immediately get blasted as biased, unloving, and uncivilized. (When the gospel is presented with hostility rather than grace, I don't blame listeners for their defensive opposition.)

Many voices have become credible through intimidation.  Those include world religions that are fighting to destroy everyone else (extreme Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, etc. ) as well as Western cultural groups (gays, abortion rights, and other activists) seeking to obliterate and replace Judao-Christian morality.

Extremists, anarchists, and political movers whip up frenzies among the violent and uninformed. They use mass hysteria and crowd dynamics to tear down established mores. It's interesting that Salman Rushdie says his "Satanic Verses" could not and "would not be published today." No publisher would dare provoke the anger of Islamists. I'm not in favor of Rushdie's work; its toxins aren't worth reading. But the fear invoked by those supposedly defending their religions pervades global media.

A related idea that crossed my tea table this week was how disconnected families are, especially in upwardly mobile and privileged sectors of the emerging world. An Asian friend told me, "The parents work all day, the maids raise the children, and the kids don't even know their parents." I got to thinking: what kind of world leader could rally a global "family" consisting of such grown children, who might still long for interaction with a caring mom or dad

The news reported widespread destruction this week by Islamists, ruining property of neighbors and governments, and harming innocent bystanders with the excuse of protesting "a film made in the USA." The actions showcase the powder-keg of emotion and instability fostered by those who hate peace and other humans. Under the guise of religious fervor, people spew a satanic immorality, hatred, and death - on themselves and those around them.

"Everyone does what is right in their own eyes." There's hardly a whisper of public repulsion allowed when unthinkable lifestyles are paraded in public in our cities. However, those who stand for morality, strong families where children grow in healthy security, and safe communities are publicly shunned and ridiculed for "narrowness" and "intolerance." Right is considered wrong, while wrong is popular.

God has blessed us with scriptural instructions and a call to pray for the nations and governments of this world. We are never told to insult leaders, to ridicule those in power with political satire, or to harangue those who think differently than we do. Instead we must pray, live morally, and love God and others in word and deed.

"You can't change anyone but yourself," therapists and influencers tell us. What changes do you need to make to improve the world around you? To spread God's peace and kindness to neighbors and comfort to those living "on the edge" emotionally and spiritually? Here are a few ideas:

1. Get your heart tuned up. Be sure you are aligned with scripture and that your first recourse to joy and danger is prayer.
2. Look for those who need a loving word or helping touch.
3. Be willing to go beyond your routines and comfort zone to be God's hand extended.
4. Be prepared for angry or hostile reactions when you don't fall in with the crowd but stand for what is right.
5. Take everything back to God and the spiritual community where you are accountable for ongoing perspective, balance, and renewal.

Read more:
*By the word of the Lord were the heavens made,
    their starry host by the breath of his mouth.

He gathers the waters of the sea into jars;
    he puts the deep into storehouses.

Let all the earth fear the Lord;
    let all the people of the world revere him.

For he spoke, and it came to be;
    he commanded, and it stood firm. Psalm 33:6-9 NIV

*God's way is the abundant way! (repost from Dayspring Devotions)
There's no rationing in heaven, no skimping from the throne, no shortage of supply from the treasures of His mercies. His life gushes forth from the well of salvation; His spiritual refreshing flows from rivers of living water; His constant and consistent goodness is poured out through downpours of blessings.
He is the God of
abundant mercy Numbers 14:18
abundant kindness Nehemiah 9:17
abundant justice Job 37:23
abundant truth Psalms 86:15
abundant redemption Psalms 130:7
abundant loving kindness Jonah 4:2
abundant grace 1 Timothy 1:14
abundant satisfaction Psalms 36:8
abundant blessing Psalms 132:15
abundant pardon Isaiah 55:7
abundant life John 10:10
abundant joy 2 Corinthians 8:2
abundant power Ephesians 3:20
abundant outpouring Titus 3:6
abundant revelation Hebrews 6:17
abundant provision Psalms 65:11
abundant peace Psalms 37:11
- Roy Lessin, from his blog Meet Me In The Meadow


  1. Thank you for the blessing of YOU transcribed into your blog. Life got exceptionally busy and I got behind in my reading - - so have been trying to catch up. God bless you tons and bunches! You bring joy, challenge, personal reflection and inspiration! Thank you for your 'blog ministry.'

  2. Well said! God bless you. I especially enjoy reading your post.

    Jenny Jo