Sunday, June 14, 2009

prayers please

I'm headed out today for several weeks of intensive study: I write two entrance exams for a doctoral program in 2 and 3 weeks. If you think of it, please pray that:
  • God would give me clarity as I study
  • I would study the right information for the questions that will be asked
  • I would be able to regurgitate what I learn for the tests
  • the privilege of learning would bring great joy - I am grateful for the opportunity and call God has given and don't take it for granted!
Passing will be a miracle. (We have had a rather distracted year so far, between weddings, travel, work, family health, etc.) I'm going to "do my best, and let God do the rest," as the saying goes. Prayers greatly appreciated over the next few weeks. Your spiritual partnership means a lot.


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