Saturday, August 8, 2009

Sweet space

One of the wonderful things about the West Coast is its spaces. While we have dull skies and overcast days, we also have wonderful interiors. Like it or not, we respond to our surroundings.

The new, light and airy look of the Northwest is very appealing - we have a great building on campus that reflects a trend: loft-style. It's commercial, not fussy. Spare but not empty. The workings are exposed (pipes, ducts) without clutter. It doesn't have to be cold. It's edgy, but not dark. I LOVE it.

Our place used to be full of furniture, rugs, and things on the wall. People would come in and say, "Wow, this looks European!" (Think castle-ette.) Recently we sold our Victorian couch, gave away a bit of this and that, rolled up the oriental rugs, and put down a cowhide to anchor updated, bright straight-edged sofas. I took 49 pictures, decorative plates, and photos off the living-dining Room walls in a clean sweep last year. I admit, there there are still 5 or 10 hanging objects, one of them an original acrylic by a well-known Canadian artist. That painting brings me joy every time I look at it. There are a few family photos on the entry wall and lining the hall. And the two pianos still use up a good chunk of floor space.

What's changing in your space?

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