Monday, November 15, 2010


I follow Chris Guillebeau's blog "The Art of Non-Conformity Dispatch," Sometimes his blog makes me smile, sometimes it makes me feel at home, sometimes it just makes me shake my head. What do you think my reaction was to this one? (see below.) Highlighting and font are his:
November 15, 2010

Who You Are and What They Say

If you are confident, they will say you are arrogant.

If you are deliberate, they will say you are too sure of yourself.

If you have a sense of purpose, they will say you are self-absorbed.

If you know who you are, they will ask, "Who are you, anyway?"

If you believe in kindness and compassion, they will say you are naïve.

If you are a dreamer, they will say "join the real world."

If you are a rebel, they will try to shut you down.

The instructions include:
rein it in
slow it down
wait it out

pull it back
take your time
play it safe
But you will know:

They are envious because they want what you have.

They are afraid of change even as they crave it.

They are projecting their own regret into resentment of you.

It's not all bad news: some of them will sort themselves out and end up joining you. Because you are a good person and have had plenty of false starts of your own, you'll understand and welcome them warmly. We've missed you! you'll say. It's about time you made it.

As for the others, well, you will remember what Gandhi said:

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win."
 ********end of Chris' blog*****************

For those who know me well, you know my reaction was, "Been there, seen that." Chris nailed it for those who have trouble conforming to boxes.
Blessings on you. My advice? Keep your head low if necessary, but keep your heart and soul on God's course for YOU. He made us with personality and abilities. It's our responsibility to develop those as we grow in character, no matter how anyone tries to conform us to their will.


  1. Christ or Chris? Your introduction of him calls him Christ....It stunned me that someone might have that name. Later I saw you reference him as Christ - - but having that first 'name' in mind triggered another thought:

    Christ nailed it for those who have trouble conforming to boxes, too!

    Thanks for the good reminder that we need to follow him, hot people's opinions!

    I've been away - - and missed your blogs - - so have some catching up to do!!!!

  2. Funny! Now I did it, too. So accustomed to adding the t....

  3. THANKS for that heads up. He is indeed Chris. There's only one Christ :-)