Thursday, December 16, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010

Merry Christmas 2010, from the Kowalskis:

We are thankful for Jesus Christ and our hope in Him this season. Our family is sharing Christmas Eve, while the kids head out to enjoy Christmas Day with in-laws. We are thrilled to have everyone around – Kirsten came back from North Carolina for the month, too.

Waldemar and Rosemarie traveled a lot this year. In summer, we spent four weeks in SE Asia to teach and a week in China to enjoy a new view. Between, there were trips to Springfield, Missouri, and Minneapolis (work and study); Las Vegas (computers, W); Montana (W – working on the cabin), etc. W still loves teaching and presented a few papers at conferences. R quit her job in February to focus on studies. SO good to be home and unleash my creativity as my own boss again!

We continue to write and study. We added two small rescue dogs, Spike and Bella, to the household. They keep Rosemarie company and out walking a few miles a day. W’s enclosing the back deck as a sunroom after figuring out it would cost about the same to put in non-rotting deck boards. Go figure! Yes, it continues to pour and be damp and cold in the Northwest. It’s no place to spend the winter.

The kids are busy for the most part and happy. Jeremy and Rebekah live and work nearby in Renton. Kirsten is currently on disability from work, trying to recover her health during an arthritis flare. Prayers always appreciated. Timothy’s in real estate, and he and Melissa are moving to a new apartment just before Christmas. Jonathan’s a senior at university and working part time.

God is good – and we are grateful for dear family and friends. God bless you in 2011.

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