Friday, September 21, 2012

Guest post: Good morning!

Enjoy our guest post by Rhonda Posein Schmidt, who blogs at fearless ... the anthology.

I saw this beautiful sunrise this morning and I had to snap a pic. So pretty...the sun trying to peek above the horizon, color infused sky with a smattering of clouds. I ran outside and crouched behind my dahlia's to try to capture the essence of what I was seeing and upon looking at the pic I had taken~realized there was no way of doing that.

The air was crisp and clean with a hint of a breeze. I could smell the remnants of combining and the straw that had been left in the field. I could hear our two baby hawks that are now full grown as they called to each other from the top of the Spruce trees where they used to nest but now come back just to check up on the place. Somehow all of those things were lost in the picture itself.

I guess I realized it's a new day...DUH! Seriously, I had already had my coffee so it wasn't a fog induced coma type of thought. It was a full blown smack me up-side the head kind of thought that today I get to do better.

Better at being the kind of person I would like to be friends with, better at being the kind of wife I always envisioned myself to be, better at encouraging others like I need to be encouraged, and better at being at peace with the "me" I have become.

So, happy TODAY everyone~make it a good one!

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