Sunday, July 28, 2013

Reunion, party, and coyotes = a day

My body clock has been off by 5 hours since we got home. I'm wide awake until 3 or 4 a.m. and wake up at 10 or 11 a.m.

The retro loveseat W built for our
first place: on its way out
I trim my hair in the morning. Feels good. It grew untidy while we were away. If we could take scissors in our carry-on luggage, I'd drag a comb and hair scissor with me when we travel.

Meanwhile, the whole house feels like a mess. More than a dozen picture frames are stacked on the front porch, waiting for pickup. Inside the entry, there's a black trash bag full of donations. K and I sorted her things from the basement the other day. A few items wait for CL pick-up, and W and I have flip flops ready for runs to the basement or outside. Every room has items coming and going. I can't wait to get this downsizing business over with!

Speaking of which ... the basement walls are mostly framed. There are two short walls to go. Wiring, plumbing, insulation, drywall, doors, paint: there's still a lot to do. But with the help of two fellows loaned us by a friend, we're underway. The backyard is littered with things being cast off and re-purposed. Ugh.

Emptied and coming apart:
the greenhouse moves away
Someone hauled away our greenhouse today. It acted as a car-stop years ago, when the old Mercedes' brakes failed and it ran away down the driveway with me. In a few heartbeats, I had to choose whether to have a basketball post or the greenhouse stop me. Kudos to the strength of the greenhouse wall: our runaway monster came to rest with its bumper against the greenhouse and its front tires hanging over the concrete blocks at the end of the driveway. There was no damage to the car. Nothing in the greenhouse broke, either.

Despite good intentions, the greenhouse never regained its footing or level. When it was bumped sideways, a few panels had dislodged. W pulled a tarp over the roof but the popped-out panels let air in so I couldn't use it.

A very happy gardening couple and their friend disassemble it and take it away in 2 pickup trucks.

"We would never have let it go if we weren't leaving, right?" W asks me.

We're shedding so many things. I'm relieved to get rid of extras ... and eyesores like that unusable greenhouse! The income is being tucked away for missions.

Elvin and Ray at the 2012 reunion
We arrive at the annual 1960s NU alumni reunion in Sedro Woolley in early afternoon. Wow! All those lifelong friends, being healed by God's love, worship, and mutual acceptance. Those 60s alums can cook, preach, and sing! It is such fun to hear the old hymns, to listen to familiar arrangements, and watch the groups (formed in college) reunite as 60-70-year olds. They're still good musicians and confident speakers.

"God is faithful even when life gets messy," one gal says to me. NU has left a wonderful stamp on the tribe. We get the chance to visit, to encourage the alums to support current students, and to ask them to given and pray as we go next year. Several offer to help us go - so we are very grateful.

Dave and his young family
On our way back home, we arrive at our friend Jim's 70th party in Everett, as it is wrapping up. I've tracked Jim's son in ministry for years. He's an alum who's making a difference in his community. It was good to meet the young man in person and to be at his house.

Outside our window, a pack of coyotes is yowling in the forest. By the sound of it, they've captured a neighborhood pet. The yips and yelps subside and the night is quiet again. I expect a poster with a picture on the telephone pole in the morning: "Missing Fifi. Call 206-222-2222." Sigh.

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