Monday, August 19, 2013

Learning a language online

"I think I've forgotten everything." I flip through the new Indonesian lessons. Everything looks the same. I can still pick out a few words. But after 3 weeks off, the meanings have faded from words I used to recognize. Ugh.

I have a few online language programs, but one in particular makes more sense. is my most-used option:
  • It comes to my inbox with a word a day.
  • Each day's vocabulary is expanded in sentences and phrases. I click through the sentences to see how many other words I recognize. How are prefixes and suffixes added to change meaning?
  • It both shows the words and has a listening option. I sure wouldn't say the familiar alphabet that way without audio help.
I bought the expanded version of the program but with the family reunion, packing up, and so many people coming through the doors, I found myself needing escape rather than information. On this Monday, it's back to work. Here's hoping things settle down in coming weeks; the calendar is filling up and I have lots of prep for appointments.

If you're interested in learning a language, find free programs here:
  • LiveMocha offers visual, audio, and social interactions. You'll be rated by native speakers and you get to help others learn your language.
  • Open Culture assembles lists of free language programs. Choose from 40 languages.
  • Babbel is a European program that relies on words and voice to guide your options.
 Have fun!

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