Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Trustworthy Source

Today's guest post is by by Martha Ming, writer, leadership mentor, and friend.

Two old friends had an ongoing difference. One insisted that he heard the "Hallelujah Chorus" through the sounds of the city, coming from a distant cathedral.

The other, who was almost deaf, insisted that because he could neither see the cathedral nor hear the music, both were figments of his friend's imagination. Also, he had read accounts of others farther away, who insisted they too heard music, but the tunes they heard were not, "Hallelujah".

Neither the fact that someone who was mostly deaf could not hear the music nor the fact that others farther away did not recognize the tune or the source changed the confidence of the first man that he heard the "Hallelujah" from a distant cathedral. He had learned the tune and heard the cathedral described by one he considered absolutely trustworthy, and when he heard the distant music, he recognized it for what it really was.

The Lord Jesus, who sang for us the music of the kingdom of God, and who described the kingdom for us is trustworthy. We recognize the tune because of him. Not everyone hears; not everyone recognizes the tune and its source.

We try to live in the Holy Spirit in a Christlike way, so those who hear us sing the tune and tell of the kingdom will believe our message is trustworthy.

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