Thursday, February 6, 2014

WRAPPING IT UP: Day 4 with my accountability group

A beautiful bedroom view
The sun's frosting the white slopes of Mt. Baker when we wake. Strangely, the best vista is from the downstairs "throne" (the toilet.) The house juts into the junction of Penn Cover and Puget Sound so the ocean views from three sides of the house are spectacular.

Willy scrambles eggs and cooks apple oatmeal. "This is like two complete breakfasts," exclaims Phyllis. We planned the portions a little better this week, unlike a few past retreats that seemed to have as much food coming home as we initially brought.

We used to stay at a house where we spent four hours on the last day washing sheets and towels, scrubbing kitchen and fridge clean, dusting all three stories, and vacuuming. We'd be happily tired on the way home. This house comes with maid service after we leave. We strip the beds, do our dishes, and pack. What a relief.

Patti's glasses. By consensus, "just right" on Patti
Once dishes are done, I clear my inbox and begin to focus on the weekend's assignments. (I usually pack as I get up, so my suitcases are at the door by breakfast.) However, it's 10:50 a.m. by the time everyone comes to the living room, makeup on, clothing just so, and ready to go. They pray over me, one at a time. When the landlady comes at 11, we drag our suitcases to the car and get underway.

Willy is Dutch so she's looking forward to a stop at a Dutch grocer in Coupeville. Patti and Phyllis spot a handbag consignment shop and within 15 minutes, find just the right travel bag. On the way home, lunch at Five Guys Burgers in Everett fills us to the brim. The gals drop me off at home before Willy (driving) chauffeurs the others to their houses.
Miss K and JoNaLu

Before long, our granddaughter Miss K comes downstairs for a visit. Apparently she asked for me a few times while I was away. To our delight, she does a little dance with the German JoNaLu troupe on Youtube.

From my start in my late 30s, through life to where this grandma is today, I'm grateful. As we were wrapping up the week together, our accountability group marveled at God's grace and favor over the past 20 years. He is good. And we are thankful.

Is there something in your life that you're wrapping up? That you wish would carry on? Something new emerging? An ordinary grace that takes on new meaning and significance during times of transitions?

The WPPRs have been the constant voice of Jesus to correct, instruct, and encourage each other. I'll sure miss them as we wrap up life in Seattle for the next season in Indonesia.

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