Monday, March 10, 2014

Lent Day 5: Light reflectors

Have you ever seen spots dance on your retina when you get caught by a burst of bright light? Sometimes it takes a while to fade.

I love the story of Moses, God's friend. After meeting with God, his face would glow with Presence. He put a veil over so no one could see it fade away.

Today I'm wondering how many of us get close enough to God's brilliance to shine on those around us. Christians are sometimes described as the moon, reflecting the light of God's Son to the world. Don't you want to be a bright reflection of his grace and truth?

What hard work are you and I willing to undertake to smooth out the rough places so light could stream off us without distortion?  What discipline would it require? What surrender of selfish interests?

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*Today's prayer (thanks for this, M): Oh Christ, the brightness of God's glory, and express image of his person, whom death could not conquer, nor the tomb imprison; as you have shared our mortal frailty in the flesh, help us to share your immortal triumph in the spirit. Let no shadow of the grave affright us and no fear of darkness turn our hearts from you. Reveal yourself to us as the first and the last, the Living One, our immortal Savior and Lord. Amen. (Henry Van Dyke)

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