Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The week in pictures

I simply haven't had time or energy to blog. So here are pictures that describe some of what last week held.

Coach training was Monday - Thursday: I slept in the afternoon after language school so I could  attend class online from 8:30-4:30 Seattle time (= 10:30pm-6:30am here)

One of my fantastic online coaches and master coach Amy in the background
Last weekend, we attended the exciting 15th anniversary of IESJakarta. Oh the food!!! Tables groaning with food, a welcoming service, and heartfelt celebrations. The teens led in worship and the media memories made us smile and thank God for his faithfulness.

Faith, fun, and food. It was all there. Prayer-time.
And a roasted piglet sponsored by a life-group
A traditional rice cone on a 2' tray
Families from many nations attend IES Jakarta
A photographer captured the moments
We stopped by the newly-opened IKEA for some basics. Like every big shop or mall here, the store has a built-in prayer room. (See the sign?)

We came back home Sunday. Slowly our house is taking shape. The IKEA rugs help pull together a very disparate group of furniture. We are looking forward to having life groups hang out here in the future!

Old gold curtains gone. Check.
Rug placed in LR. Check.
Settling down. Check.
We ate supper at an art gallery this week and met the owner. Last year, God confirmed our calling to this city, at this place, during our one-day visit to Bandung.

Art on display
W sits in the window at the art gallery / restaurant where God confirmed our cal last year
All week, the kitchen cutlery drawer keeps falling off its support. W pulls the cabinet from the wall to repair it. Oh! The termites have eaten through the brace and it "rains" termite junk on the pots below. And behind the cabinet? Let's just say that after all the cleaning we've already done, it was a nasty surprise.
Yikes! the unseen kitchen...
We have had language school since Monday. Today we relaxed over lunch with friends.

A traditional Sundanese restaurant: the
4 scrawny legs of the delicious chicken dish
Tomorrow and Friday, dear friends will be our first guests to sleep over and enjoy breakfast together.

Mario, Daniela, and Livia (Stefano is somewhere, too)
The immediate future looks something like this: we trust God will bring about as much as pleases him. Prayers appreciated.

Tonight - we met for supper with a gal interested in helping with life groups.
Tomorrow - school. Errands. Supper with friends (above).
Friday - 7:30am meeting. 9am breakfast for 9 here at the house. (Pancakes, I think!) Noon: farewell lunch for language school students. Afternoon: drive to Jakarta
Saturday - errands in Jakarta and celebrate the rest of the church's anniversary.
Sunday - church and home so we can get up for school Monday at 5:30am.

God is good. 


  1. It was great to have you in those classes. You made important contributions. Thanks for the sacrifice!

  2. I agree with Dan. It was fun being in discussion groups with you - like you were there. We miss the real you, however!!