Monday, February 23, 2015

Full house!

Pastor Terry of BIC church
Sunday, February 22
W and I are privileged to speak at a local church. That's one of the most energizing and relaxing things we do together, trading off information and stories as if in a conversation. Getting the material together is an arduous process since we only began to do it last year.

We start with scripture or a topic - this time assigned. Either one of us begins to stash ideas in a GoogleDoc. Usually we have to talk through the direction because our approach is almost opposite. W gathers details that sort into a flow of information. I'm more likely to set up a target and sections and flesh out the ideas as we go.

Our idea edits are mutual and simultaneous. We start typing and assigning parts as we read aloud. If a main idea feels long, we keep breaking up the reading into shorter sections. By the time we present, the conversation is comfortable and well-timed.

Ibu Josie's mom explains the significance and
nutrition of the special foods for New Year
And so it was Sunday. Listeners always seem surprised. First, few couples co-speak equally. More often, one person will say a personal hello to greet or wrap-up while the other is the main speaker. Second, we plan 10-20 minutes for audience remarks and Q&A at the end. People talk about what they've heard or ask theology questions. It's good fun for us and hopefully helpful to those who respond.

Our good friends Sumathi and Augustine came to cheer us on and pray for us. Having a "friend on the bench" means the world to us. We dropped our things off at home, walked through the new house together, and then went for lunch at Miss Bee's.

Happy Chinese New Year with teachers and friends
We are invited to a Chinese New Year's lunch for seminary students at Guru Josie's house. Her mom, a great caterer, starts us off with Chinese pancakes. Each filling has a special meaning. And then the main course arrives: noodles, rice, various meats and vegetables. I go back for seconds. TOO MUCH food! followed by home-baked pastries. Oh yum.

Back home, we finally meet Kevin, Stacy, and their 4 kids from Texas. They're experienced expats, having lived in India and visited many countries. They're staying in a hotel nearby for 2 nights before moving in with us tomorrow. (We hope to sign the lease on another place Wednesday, but the earnest money and initial contract were exchanged last week.) How do they want to arrange sleeping quarters until we shift out this weekend? We talk over some details and part friends.

While I look over our language sheets, W walks to Yogya for chicken. Ibu A will be cooking a big lunch tomorrow!

The Johnson family in cooler times
After language class, we walk back across the street to move a few items of furniture into place. We don't have a bench, so we snag a sofa for one side of the table. Ibu A outdoes herself again with a coconut curry chicken dish, papaya and lime, salad, avocado, and rice. Of course there's rice.

The Johnsons pitch in to do dishes while we walk Ibu A and her handyman husband Pak E to the new place. Today Pak E's task is to put a commercial paint primer over old water stains on downstairs ceiling. Ibu A will vacuum, wash, and rinse cabinets in the main bedroom and kitchen. And we have to buy a fridge and make a hospital visit. So we have our own chore list.

Thank you for your prayers all along the way!

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