Saturday, December 19, 2015

A visa run to Malaysia

KL - beautiful architecture 
We take a break from our routines to fly to Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia. We have to leave Indonesia every month or two while our visas are in process. We try to schedule our trip for a teaching break but during this season we just have to leave for a while.

KL has a lot of people
And modern infrastructure
But first we walk across the taxiway to the plane in Bandung for the the two-hour flight.

Dad and daughter on the plane

When we get to the KL airport, we're in a modern mall.

Forget Santa's lap.
We've got Snoopy (airport)
Tabitha, youth pastor for a big congregation, picks us up and takes us to see a dream realized since we we last taught here.

Calvary Convention Center: a big dream built in real life

Prayer rooms in the Prayer Tower
Our hotel is in the center of Chinatown, small, clean, and cheap.

Rain Forest hotel in Chinatown

Chestnuts and hot gravel stirred
over an open fire in a barrel.
We go to a mall together: there's a Chinese food court with amazing food in the basement.

Now that's a mall's center court!
Time for a rest at the mango juice stop 
Tabitha and Kirsten enjoying Thai food

We loved the shaved ice and other food

Friday we're on our own. I have work to do in the morning (seasonal invitations) but then we walk around Chinatown's wholesale streets and eat more good food.

By evening we have some gifts purchased and we're ready for the flight home. It's uneventful, thankfully.

Goodbye to a rabbit at the airport
We're back at our place by midnight. It's always nice to sleep at home.

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