Saturday, August 20, 2016

Daughters are special. National Day. Hill climb. = interesting life

Saturday, August 20.16
Yesterday was our daughter's birthday. It would have been so nice to celebrate together. We used to fly her from Texas to Seattle to join us on her special day. This year, we are far far away so she's celebrated with friends and a brother nearby.

We had only one girl (until the two lovely additions when two of our sons married.) With 6 next-generation family members, we are praying for the other two - perhaps a future son-in-law and daughter-in-law, Lord willing.

Anyhow, when we first held Kirsten, we had no idea of the joys and challenges of a woman-child. She grew up surrounded by a few girls and lots of boys = an older and two younger brothers and plenty of uncles.

I am always happy that my family is close-knit: my folks made sure Kirsten and her brothers knew their Canadian neighborhood (almost as well as ours in the USA). When the pack was young, European girl and boy cousins reliably dropped by for a few weeks each Christmas.We saw other family members on holidays, too.

Now she's all grown up. She's become a lovely woman. I'm pleased and grateful to be her mom.
  • She loves Jesus and reflects his goodness and kindness to others.
  • She's always had a mind of her own: by which I mean, she is determined and focused when something catches her attention.
  • She's gifted in administration, math, color, and words.
  • She loves beauty and pattern. Even as a teen, she combined the craziest things to create her own dress style and her surroundings.
  • As a youngster, she changed her outfits so often that I stopped picking them up and let her sort them from the floor.
  • For a while, her hair came in many colors not set by God. As long as it wasn't blue or green, it was ok with me. Purple? Oh well. Sure. If she must.
  • Despite many health challenges, she makes friends and stays in motion.
  • Her brothers think the world of her and value her counsel.
Love you, Kirsten!
Hydrangeas are blooming in the yard.
I find a cool 2' vase in the cupboard.
What else is new?

All our company went home. So the house feels quiet off and on, between short visits from friends.
Mariska and Bart say goodbye before heading home to Holland
Gypsy will miss his first owner!
I'm editing. Grading. Got my head in the books. W and I are actually watching a Korean drama to clear our heads before bed. Yup, that's how slammed we are.

Wednesday is National / Freedom Day (Hari Merdeka). Every neighborhood has competitions and traditional sports.
Young men climb each others' shoulders
to grab packages at the top of greased poles.
During the day, the grease gradually transfers
to clothing - and the poles become less slippery.
Food and clothing are for sale. Entire families - the women in bright headscarves and the children lively and energetic - bring picnics to Bumi, which opens its grounds on holidays. Here, like in many parts of the world, people leave their food wrappers and bags behind.

We take time off Thursday to walk the hills. It's only my second time since May. Our elevation is a mile above sealevel. Puff puff. (Actually not bad. I'm surprised.)
See the string? That's the guardrail at the edge of a cliff.
Step beyond and you're falling +100 meters
to the valley below.
No lawyer will get you compensation
for not paying attention.
At the top ridge of Gunung Batu (Stone Mountain) 
One side = a valley. There's a completely different valley
in the other direction from the ledge.
Spectacular views of Bandung and surroundings.
Thursday afternoon, we study Genesis 48 at the Bamboo Shack. I've never thought of Jacob's meeting with grandsons Ephraim and Manasseh as a fascinating chapter. But the six of us are captured by the story and God-with-us.

Friday, DrW has her handyman build a Little Free Library. I unpack my #2138 charter sign, which I got a decade ago. Doctoral studies and general busyness prevented my putting it by the mailbox across the street in Seattle. (Our Seattle neighbor gave me permission; I just couldn't get my handymen and my motivation coordinated.)

The handyman mounts it on the front of her Kitchen Center (composting bins for the neighborhood). Dr H sends a bag of books for the library with W after he hangs up artwork at her house.

Oh... and DrH has taken us to Reading Lights this week. They are closing out art and books. Seriously - $20 for a framed 2'X3' original canvas of two cranes? The color and movement are stunning.

This pastel painting of an Indonesian man caught my eye the first time I walked into the bookstore. Today it is half price. How could I leave it there when we have so many bare walls? 

We haven't purchased much art here. But what we have reflects our love for Indonesia, the privilege of living in the tropics, and artists who see the world in a new way. W pounds a few nails into the concrete walls.
Two of my foil prints that didn't make the print exchange.
W hangs them on a bedroom wall.
Today a sweet friend Oktavia drops by for tea, bringing the MOST delicious cake from Jakarta. She stays for lunch and conversation. She's doing well! We are happy to pray over her and bless her.
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*Remember the wonderful works he has done, his miracles, and the judgments he has uttered. Psalm 105:5 ESV

*See what love the Father has given us, that we should be called children of God. 1 John 3:1 ESV

Moravian Prayer: Holy Spirit, please come upon us—fill our lives with your peace. We are redeemed by your sacrifice. We are saved from our sins because of your love. God, help us to be all that you created us to be. Amen

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