Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The week before Christmas week

It's the week before Christmas week. I don't even know where to start - when I don't write every few days, the details get fuzzy and I forget things that make Indonesia so different from anywhere else. Here are some pics.

It leaks into the back of the house during big downpours. Our landlord hasn't given us a go-ahead for next year so we're wondering how much to invest in making repairs. The tropics are hard on a house.

On a Monday-Tuesday:
We drop my passport in Jakarta to process a visa renewal. YAY! We get to visit with our Indonesian "kids" and their lovely kids, the closest little peeps we have to grands here.

We get to attend staff meeting, too.
a stunning office view
and an amazing tree in the lobby
Movie night Wednesday - 50-ish people over for a home-cooked supper, reading the Story together, and The Grinch Who Stole Christmas (Jim Carey).

One of our friends lands in the hospital with dengue fever. We visit in the evenings.
The nativity scene, complete with fishes in a pond.
 Will post more pictures on the next blog. Merry

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