Thursday, February 9, 2017

Cookies galore

It's usually our walking day. But today I have to skip - there are too many other things to do. The freezers are empty - we ate all the baking on the last movie night. A team who stayed with us last year bought us a little freezer. It has been a godsend. Being able to prep food and baking in advance makes it possible to have people drop in for meals or tea any time. We're always ready for company.

So today was cookie day. Ibua helped me bake at least 12 trays of cookies (20-24 each). It took us from 9am-3pm ... but we filled 3 big old Tupperware boxes with pecan merangues, thumprint cookies, and chocolate chippies. (You'd remember our old-style Tupperware from 40 years ago - some lady in Bellevue was clearing her sales stock 5 years ago: it's come in SOoooo handy, though it was heavy to shlep all the way to Indo.)

IbuA is cubing 7kg (15 lb) of boneless chicken breasts. I'm too tired to face the chickens and we leave for a Bible study in a half hour.

So onto cookie sheets and into the freezer they go. After they're frozen, I'll bag them up. Next week, we'll grab the cubes and make a feast of sesame chicken for movie night.

I remember when our daughter or sons used to help on baking day. The interaction with IbuA is similar: one scoops cookie dough onto the tray. The other takes cookies out of the oven or washes dishes. We've been busy all day ... and now the last dishes are in the sink. Yay.

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