Monday, July 23, 2018

Of animals and people - lots of them

Monday, July 16, 2018
It's an early start to the work week, with a phone call before the regular 7am meeting. Then we study scriptures with friends on the teras and eat lunch as a team.

In the early afternoon, we put a tall glass bowl on a piece of wood. It's not just any glass and wood - it's a specialty of Bali craftsmen: wet wood roots are planed on one side, which becomes the base. Hot glass is poured and blown over the top of the stump or roots. The customized pair can be used as a vase, pitcher, or other display.

We filled our with water and put the fish and plants from our old jar into the 2' bowl.
It is striking, something I thought about since I saw the first glass bowl a few years ago.

Later, Kiki and Veronica drop by for some kombucha and a chat. She's off to Australia for a few months, to help her mom recover from surgery. We'll miss her a lot. Life as a foreigner means saying many hellos and goodbyes.

DrW and I walk to the dressmaker's at 7am. Both of us take the fabric sitting on our shelves: Ibu Kruni will whip it into a blouse or skirt for $10-20 each.

On the way home, we have to stop while 2 young men muscle a cabinet out of a building that's being remodeled. EEEEE - hope they don't drop it! One stands on a stool, the other catches from below the wardrobe. In a few minutes, they're done. No one has been crushed, the lane is clear again, and we walk home.

The women's study is lovely - I really enjoy the ladies and their discussions.

In the evening, we make a presentation around a table ... but first, we share delicious Chinese food.

The servers stand beside us to cut a roasted duck. First, the skin is removed for one dish, and then the meat is cut into 1/4" pieces for lettuce wraps. SOOOO delicious.

The gourami is a work of art, too Thanks, Pak D for the good meal.

And the avocado-cocoa mousse? Maybe my favorite.

Friends are sharing ways to serve our communities. It feels like an exciting start of a new season.

In the late afternoon, DrH and Alice invite us over to celebrate Jenni, an Australian teacher learning Indonesian. Jenni's headed home in a month or two. The company is great. Since Alice is cooking, the food is tasty (as usual). Tomato bisque and a "rendang" salad.

I don't sleep well. There's a lot on my mind. I'm up-and-at-em by 5:30.

After a 6am meeting online and another breakfast meeting at 7:30 nearby, participants start arriving for the study on our porch. We enjoy exploring scripture as usual. At noon, our team meets. After devotions, we head down the hill to talk over rice and noodles at a small shop. We're back by about 2 - and I need a nap.

Casey, our friend's dog, loves to do headstands. She's here for a week and romps around the yard with Gypsy.

Our dog loves the company and steals Casey's stuffed animal whenever he can. He looks innocent though.

Before 5, we get a ride to dinner and church blessing - the pastor of 26 years is becoming the pastor emeritus of the church and going off to study for a while. There are many flower arrangements around the church entry.

Dinner is good Indonesian food. 

After we finish eating and chatting, W and I are asked to join a procession into the chapel. For what? Regardless, we end up sitting in the front rows.

Pak Henry's wife (Ibu Lily) is a beauty. I also appreciate that she's becoming a friend.

We try to stay in the background for pictures afterwards. No luck. We are pushed into the middle of the photo. No one told us the dress code for pastors is apparently a black suit. So we foreigners stand out even more in our batik... 

A bonus after the event is a hug from Pauline. Well, two hugs or more - one from Josie (another friend and former tutor who in in Norway at the moment). At least Josie's mom is there, too.

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*The Lord said to Isaac, “Through your offspring all nations on earth will be blessed.” Genesis 26:4

*Manny will come from east and west and will eat with Abraham and Isaac and Jacob in the kingdom of heaven. Matthew 8:11

Moravian Prayer: God of our ancestors, we are grateful for the blessings upon blessings that you bestowed upon Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and also upon us. Thank you for the promise of your unending faithfulness. Amen.

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