Thursday, January 7, 2010

What I learned today

We are not alone. I learned that again today. Family called, prayed, and friends dropped by with talk and comfort.

There are 240 stairs (12 flights) from the cafeteria to Kirsten's floor. They are easier to go down than up, but moving feels good either way.

The chairs that look so comfy and bouncy in a hospital room are useless because they have narrow arms. I-phones and notes fall right off them onto the floor. Plus, these don't lean back. They must be easy to clean. (Otherwise, why choose them?)

When the shower hose reaches to the sink, you don't have to wash your hair in the shower. Kirsten got all scrubby. Thanks to a stint as a maid and years as a mom, it was possible to whip off the old sheets and redo her bedding while she dressed in a clean gown. Man, those robes are ugly. She's cute, even with purple dye in her hair.

A Christian hospital that sets out to have a 5/5 patient satisfaction gives incredible care. "Mom, the nurses come when I ring! They are so nice, and really care about me." Thanks to the whole team at Wake Forest Baptist Hospital.

UCB radio streams a live hour of commercial-free worship from 7-8pm, Eastern time. What a pleasure.

Hospital food is dangerous. The supper special today: friend catfish, macaroni and cheese (Velveeta style), and southern greens - fried in bacon grease. "Ma'am, you sure?" from the server. I'm sure. Kill me now. I'm hungry.

I love to read scripture aloud. K and I are reading through Luke in the Phillips translation (from the 1950s). It is wonderfully clear and readable. It feels like nothing is missing from the story, and like nothing is added, but like Luke is talking right to us about our caring Lord.

We can pray all day long and God never gets tired of listening. When the pain got very severe, Kirsten was soothed by lying on her stomach, getting a back rub, and our urgent prayers aloud. Thanks to her siblings, who called to pray for her today.

It didn't snow on my trip home. Thanks be to God. I was dreading a 25 mile drive through the hills on the freeway, with predicted snow and ice. God answers small prayers as well as large.

My bed is comfy. Kirsten's room is filled with quirky art and interesting objects. My daughter has the same love of beautiful things that I do. It pleases my heart. Makes me think maybe it wasn't a total waste to have the kids' help in moving furniture and accessories around when they were young.

Thanks, Joni, for finding a great car for Kirsten a few years ago. It runs smoothly, lights the road well, and has been an answered prayer in reliability.

When our heart is full, we wake praying and fall asleep worshiping throughout the night. God is as close as the breath in and out, speaking to us in psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs.

I think that's it. Time to sleep and wake in the watchful care of our Heavenly Father.

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