Saturday, December 22, 2012

The rest of the story

When's the last time you heard the whole Story? Has your pastor preached through the biblical narrative lately. Please take my quick anonymous survey: I'm doing some research and would love your help. (Please click here to take the VERY short survey.)

Since the advent of Children's Church and the end of Sunday School, many children don't learn the Bible stories I grew up with. Oh, there's a Veggie Tale video and great crafts. But do they learn the story? Nope.

In one Christian university, a faculty member told me she orders Bible story books for students taking Old Testament survey. Most freshmen have very vague ideas about biblical characters. The students knew David and Goliath (as the little guy wins over a giant). They heard the names of Abraham and Moses, but knew little about their lives and spiritual legacy.

I'm plowing through scriptures like a starving person. My husband began reading great chunks of the Bible last spring. And my mom's on her fourth read-through this year. WHAT A STORY!!!

God with us. This Christmas we celebrate the coming of God among us. He clothed himself in the person of an unknown household. God chose a mom who would obey God's wishes and think deeply about raising her son. Chose a faithful husband who would provide for his family. Chose to be born in a village that overlooked a major trading route. To devoutly religious Jews.

The mystery of Good News fascinates me! God with us. Read all about it in your Bible!

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