Friday, September 27, 2013

A match made in ...

Pam Nolte as the matchmaker
The Broadway hit, The Matchmaker by Thornton Wilder, tells the story of a woman determined to win the prize of a rich husband for herself, though she pretends to have the interests of others in mind. It's the hilarious tale of marrying up (finding a mate with money), despite the conventions of culture and expectations of society.

The Taproot Theatre production stars Pam Nolte as the matchmaker; her hapless target is the rich businessman Horace Vandergelder, convincingly played by Robert Gallaher. Directed by Scott Nolte, the play had the audience in stitches. I blinked in amazement a few times at the twists and turns of the plot as the cast frolicked around the simple stage. Once again, the set designers provided just enough furnishings to support the lively acting.

Brad Walker as Barnaby Tucker
I have to say that the spinster aunt, played by Kim Morris, stole the show and upped the energy with her rousing performance in the production last weekend. Our other favorites were the young apprentices, played by Robert Hines and Brad Walker.

The play whirls by with lots of energy: you're never far from the action inside the intimate space of Taproot! I was so engrossed that I was surprised by the intermission. Afterwards on the sidewalk, people continued buzzing and chuckling over the antics of the characters.

Asha Stichter and Natalie Moe watch the action.
This feel-good play is the perfect entertainment after a stressful work-week. I recommend it for girlfriends on a night out, date night for couples, or as a fun family activity with teens and older. College students will easily identify with the break-from-constraints hijinks of the young characters, too. Come prepared to laugh aloud, relax, and walk away feeling good.

Photos are by Erik Stuhaug. Media tickets were provided by Taproot. The show runs until October 19 | For tickets call 206.781.9707 or click here.

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