Thursday, April 9, 2015

Kirsten in Austin

Easter Sunday we speak at TLC - The Living Church. It's an Indonesian gathering in Seattle with Pastor Herry Darmono as the host. I love the ending, a short play on the meaning and value of the cross.

We've made arrangements to eat with family, so we have to leave afterwards - with regrets. It's a wonderful time together.

We fly to Austin TX on Monday. It's our first visit together with Kirsten, our daughter. She makes a special late birthday effort with little pies from a local bakery. We eat at her favorite places, all of them interesting and yummy.

We have lunch with Ron Dugone, the 1970s NU alumni connector. He keeps everyone up-to-date on FB for birthdays, special requests, and other milestones.

Lunch is amazing and the dessert melts in our mouth.

The terrain of Austin is rolling hills. The parking lot stones look like nuts dusted with icing sugar.

And the plants are unusual.

We take pictures by an Austin landmark.

And have supper at a Thai - Southern fusion food stall.

The Sweet Chili Slaw - delicious.

 And the Mac and Cheese nothing short of stellar.

The week flies by - and then it's almost time to return to Seattle.

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