Monday, April 20, 2015

The story in pictures

Too busy to write. Busy enjoying life with friends. Busy following the Call. Busy and happy. Life is good.

How many of these faces do you know?

Random Canadian: mukluks and parka. Yup, it's April.

Agreeing that the stormy 4'-square picture is a no-go in her dark apartment, Kirsten and I modified it with pastels.



We are enjoying Seattle so much that I haven't written. Doesn't mean we're not thinking about you though...
  • A friend received a special acknowledgement today. Hurrah!
  • We spoke at three venues in April and enjoyed each one.
  • We attended a few workshops.
  • Canada - especially, seeing our parents and siblings - was wonderful.
  • And girlfriends, thank you for making time to get together. My soul is filling up.

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