Monday, June 20, 2016

Those we love

Monday, June 20.2016
Father's Day has come and gone with Waldemar on the other side of the ocean from us all. We call a few times, celebrate by going for Persian food (without him, sadly), and miss him.
My wonderful dad
Jake has been youth pastor for 17 years and is starting a church in North Seattle. I get to sit in and hear his call and vision. It's inspiring. But there is no mention made of "she" - only "he" on the launch team. I'm a bit surprised. And worried. God calls and empowers men and women ... Maybe I just missed something.

The two older boys and their families and I eat lunch at a Persian café and line up for photos after - just to send a hi to W from the tribe.

Then I head to Canada to spend the rest of the day with my father and mom. Wonderful!

We walk down the dike beside the river. The flowers and trees are stunning.

Flowers and more flowers

Grapes on the arbor

My brother and his wife come over for a visit late in the evening - lovely to see them and horse around.

Clouds on Cheam: a reminder of
the view, walking to high school years ago
Dad makes his awful and awfully healthy smoothies. I breathe deeply and gulp it down in one go.
Ghastly smoothies - but healthy
We walk early and again before I leave town at 10. We inhale the oxygen of the trees and the fragrance of the flowers.

A beautiful pathway at 7am

A living room filled with family treasures and memories

Mom prepares a meal

Neighborly flowerbeds

Dad's violin shop is full of curiosities, as always.

Check out his online shop:
And I drive another 3/4 hour for a visit with W's mom. She makes a tasty European lunch - oh that bread and sausage! (and homemade pickled veges). The hours fly by - it's good to connect hearts again. She is a faithful pray-er for us, so far from home.
A very nice mother-in-law and
a good woman indeed
Mid-afternoon, it's time to head home. It takes 2.5 hours and I'm late for my meeting at Molbak's.A friend and I chunk through his book in progress. Good work, Dave! And nice to see you and the cutest grand!, Debbie.

When I get home, Jaron is hanging out out upstairs and I get to say hi. He was a piano student and he and Timo have been friends for years. The kids have a full burst of energy, so it's a short visit.

Just after I get down, Laura texts: Josie's in town. I head out the door for a cup of tea and talk at Laura and Paul's. So grateful for friendships.

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