Thursday, May 28, 2009


Physiotherapy is an interesting process. Some people in the group session for hip and knee replacements are athletes. They swing through the exercises, their strong muscles helping them push through the pain. They are determined to do more and better each time. "Wow," say the PT crew. "You're making great progress and will back to normal in no time."

Some are sedentary older people, for whom this is a delay in a decline of mobility or health. They do the exercises and hope it doesn't hurt too much. Some of them have not moved this much in months or years. "C'mon honey, you can get just a little more out of that hip," say the helpers. "If you want to have good range of motion, you'll have to push a bit."

Our daughter continually gets the comment of "You're too young for this!" from co-participants. (We agree.) She strains through the motions, bending as far as she can, and trying to straighten the knee back out. We watch the effort needed for simple moves. "Keep trying: your knee is doing very well," encourage the therapists.

Each time I stride up the stairs to the third floor room, I am reminded that a healthy body and mind are a great blessing, not to be taken for granted. Thank you God for every working member and the capacity to enjoy life and mobility! And thank you for the encouragers who tell us the truth and our potential.

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