Friday, May 15, 2009

It's time

Today our son marries his best friend. Since they were little, her family and ours have prayed for them. Before they were born, we dedicated them to God and his work. Grandparents and friends helped us pray them through childhood, teens, college, and into their first jobs. When they became friends, we were glad.

Yesterday, I'd told my boss I was taking a day off to prepare house and heart for the wedding. The day had other plans: I worked from 6am-4pm, not catching lunch until 2pm. Obligations flooded into the day, pushing me aside. I fielded alumni questions on diplomas and transcripts, spent an hour on a long-distance conference call to plan a joint summer reunion, set up a new student worker... the calls kept coming. Finally I just quit and shut down my computer. It's been a work week that started at 6 or 7 am most days and ended late. One night we were still driving home at 10.15pm. Oh well, I didn't get my day off after all. (I've worked more than a week's hours, though the sun has just come up on Friday. Fine. Some weeks are like that.)

Our daughter walked into the house last night after a 15 hour trip from NC (thanks, today's airlines!) How lovely to see her face. The siblings and spouses set up the great room. The young men lined up the chairs to face the bay window where the couple will stand. The young women made the corsages and bouquet. The bride's sister cut the groom's hair on the deck, porch lights cutting the night air. The bride's brother-in-law officiates, so he mapped out the service with the couple. The bride's mom and sis sang through the communion song so I could write it down and remember it. Since summer school has started and Waldemar is teaching 6 hours a day, he napped in exhaustion on the sofa, part of the evening.

The bride slept over and is here for breakfast. Soon the grandparents arrive. We'll take photographs withe the bride in her beautiful white dress. Our youngest son has practiced the wedding march and is ready to play in the bride. The groom will watch his best friend walk toward him. They will kiss in front of the family who have gathered to witness their commitment.

I'm glad this wonderful day has come. It's the right time for young love, the answer to our prayers. Thanks to Grandmas who have covered and prayed the youngsters into adulthood. Thanks to my dear WPPRk friends for years of prayers, sound advice, comfort, and counsel. And above all, thanks be to God, who will be enough no matter what the future holds.

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