Monday, March 21, 2011

Lent Day 11: Small church, real church

It's the sort of place Jesus would have hung out to meet people and tell them about his Father. It looked like a BBQ restaurant, but what a wonderful surprise lay waiting inside!

Over the weekend, I got to preach at a young church plant. The pastor's heart and love for her flock warmed us all. As I entered the door and walked into the room, people introduced themselves and each other to me. Someone had brought an abundant breakfast of bagels and sweet pastries. Coffee was on. From baby Hunter, to teens, to the oldest persons, I felt welcomed, among friends.

The worship was intimate and compelling... and really really good! Trust me, the worship leader sings and plays with a rare intimacy and heart for God. The youth group reported on a conference they had attended, and we prayed and studied scriptures. In other words, "We had church!"

Diane, I salute you and the strong call of God on you! The New Testament records the beginnings of similar small groups of believers who met together to explore their faith in Jesus. From little start-ups to community influencers, these assemblies multiplied and fanned out to share Good News and change the world.

Most accomplished preachers, musicians, and leaders of large churches have had their beginnings in such congregations. I could never have played piano for thousands if I had not learned to accompany worship leaders of dozens and hundreds.

If you want to know more about this church north of Seattle, want to attend, or have the resources to support a small congregation with a big heart with a one-time gift or regular contributions, contact

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