Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lent Day 2: Christ and followers as scholars

I wonder if Jesus would have come to this conference. So far, I've heard a few papers that seem to have little to do with Jesus' mission. When I think about the hours spent preparing our papers, I wonder how Christ has been formed in us through the process.

The role of the scholar is important in scripture. Without the writing of historians, poets, and prophets, we would know little about God. The act of writing and copying has preserved God's revelation of himself to humanity. Jesus studied scripture well enough to be fluent in both scripture and tradition. He taught competently enough to be called rabbi. Considering his upbringing in an ordinary peasant household, he took advantage of opportunities for education.

In contrast to some of today's scholars, Jesus never lost sight of his life purpose. He used what he had learned to expand the kingdom of God. I'll be listening for that kind of intentionality as I sit in the theological sessions.

Some of the words go right over my head. Others capture my mind and imagination. What i'm longing for is a word to stir my heart and move me to greater surrender and service.

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