Saturday, March 26, 2011

Lent Day 16: Living in relationship

Two guests in W's masters level class this weekend shared their non-traditional churches. Without consultation with each other or W, they shone the spotlight on community and relationships as key for connecting with and serving today's disconnected societies.

"Follow me," said Jesus, more often than, "Learn from me." Why? In following Jesus, we learn all the things we need to know. We see how the Spirit moves and works, how God among us treats others, values friendships, and invests himself in humanity. He cares for the poor, demonstrates God's nature with strong character, and accepts others regardless of their quirks.

Jesus gave his friends and disciples a heads up that the journey ended in tragedy and sorrow. But he didn't send them away from experiencing life with him, in good times or bad.

The German wedding formula we grew up with said, "Shared joy is doubled joy. Shared sorrow is halved sorrow." Many people, lonely and friendless, find that joy dies for lack of someone to celebrate with, and sorrow becomes overwhelming because no one helps bear our burdens.

Whatever God calls you to do today, be sure to include other people. Whether writing a letter or email, doing repairs on the car, house, or computer, cooking or baking, cleaning the apartment for company, ...or just hanging out, why not let others into your life and your space?

"You have been made rich in every way, so that you can share your blessings with others," said Paul to the Corinthian church. With whom can you share your God-given wealth this weekend?

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