Thursday, May 12, 2011

Swimming with the whales

Killer whales provided a rare treat for Vancouverites yesterday, playing near the seawall at Stanley Park. They flipped their tails. Pushed their heavy black and white markings above the surface to flop down with a splash. Blowholes puffed spray twenty feet into the air.

We grew accustomed to people swimming alongside the wall, walking the park shores years ago. Apparently no one was swimming in Burrard Inlet yesterday but the big guys. Killer whales eat sea lions, dolphins, and other mid-size mammals. I don't know if that means they'd eat a person or not. Certainly the chase would be less fun for the whales, since we're so slow in the water. 

These orcas are mostly loners, according to researchers. Born into a species that travels in lifelong packs, these drifters range up and down the West Coast, moving in and out of pods. Their social life is unusual, but when they need help or company, they form small temporary groups.

I got to thinking how Western societies have changed. Rather than settling into small communities where we know everyone and are known, most of us prefer the "freedom" of anonymity in big cities, of not knowing others. We don't have to deal with our family histories, present failures, or future ambitions under the watchfulness of informed neighbors.

When I walked the dog this morning, the high schoolers strolled past. Their eyes were down, their ears plugged with Earbuds. Seven junior highers, waiting at their bus stop a half hour later, stood apart. No conversation. One carried a violin case, another a duffel bag, and bulky knapsacks weighed heavily on all their backs. When the bus pulled up, they slouched one after another up the steps without talking or looking at each other.

None of the kids made eye contact with invisible, unrelated me. They've been taught to ignore strangers. To focus life around themselves, not people older or younger, unless it is for personal advantage. Obviously, sadly, those lessons have been well-assimilated.

On the other hand, an Asian woman, ten years my junior, stopped to chat. We introduced ourselves and our dogs. "Nice sunshine this morning," she smiled. "When do you walk?"

"Six to nine, depends on the morning."

"Yes, me too. Depending on weather," she agreed. "Hoping to see you again." 

"Let's walk together when we do!" 

We left in opposite directions, but I hope we do meet. I now know her name. She knows mine. Our dogs didn't bite each other, though Missy, our poorly socialized poodle rescue, snarled a lunging greeting before settling down for a civilized sniff.

While I don't want to swim with whales if I'm a dolphin, I want other dolphins like me around! They'll jabber (sometimes annoying when I'm trying to relax), play, warn off danger, and help me fly to safety through deep and shallow waters. 

How about you? Do you rely on others who know you intimately? Or are you happiest to remain a stranger? 

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