Sunday, May 29, 2011

Wild women in the woods

Take five women of different backgrounds, educational and economic brackets, and marital status. Then mix in ethnicity, diverse worldviews, individual ways of "how things are done," and add a daughter or two for each... and you have a volatile mix. 

Cram the women in a cabin in the woods, let the lights flicker on and off, and add a downpour. Meanwhile, entertain the kids, whose ideas of adventure include watching a video in the van, going to the bathroom in the woods, and other non-camping preferences. Let the fun, shouting, tantrums, and learning begin (among the parents)!

My husband and I loved the play written by Janesse Schaeffer and directed by Karen Lund. We laughed and cried along with the actors who earned "BROWNIE POINTS" with us for their portrayal of honesty and vulnerability.

I spent last weekend at Cannon Beach with my accountability group. We four women have met for almost 18 years. We've formed deep and trusting relationships, but still have moments of adjustment and disagreement. We work hard to include each one and feel included. I kept thinking, sitting at Taproot Theatre, how we four would respond if a stranger with a completely different history and unique expectations tossed her hat into our ring. Sparks might fly!

Go see "Brownie Points" if you can. Take a neighbor or friend - and be prepared to examine your assumptions about people you know. Let your guard down for discussions that follow. Rather than offering relationship solutions, the play opens the door to take an honest look at American culture and friendships. Audience members hung around after the show to talk about what they'd experienced.

Ladies, if you've ever thought you were the only one who struggles to make it through a day, you'll be among friends. Gentlemen, if you ever wondered how women think and what they talk about, you'll get an insider's perspective.

Don't miss it! And be sure to take in the quiz and display in the upper foyer before or after the show. Once again, Taproot hits it out of the park, pulling us into a story, and showing - as well as telling - how sweet and complicated life can be.

Actors: Faith Russell, Karen Ann Daniels, Amy Love, Casi Wilkerson, and Nikki Visel. Photos by Erik Stuhaug. Tickets provided the reviewer by Taproot.


  1. life is full of suprises isn't it.