Monday, April 16, 2012

Small peaces

Do you have a favorite small appliance? One that makes you sigh with happiness because it works well and causes no trouble?

Among mine is the Jibere 1875 hair dryer. Kirsten and I both love it for its quiet, light-weight efficiency. My once-upon-a-time stylist recommended it 7 or 8 years ago, just about the time I decided to do my hair myself. It worked so well and cost so little that I bought a replacement, which I haven't needed.

This morning as the wind from the dryer whipped my thin locks dry in 2 minutes, I felt thankful. It took me 3/4 hour to color my hair ... without having to get dressed, go out in the rain, or listen to chit-chat about fashion trends. I like the color: I streaked a red base through my hair during the last 5 minutes of processing. (After a while, a not-so-great color choice is apparent even while wet.)

A quick glance proves my suspicions. The last clip turned my good haircut into an old-lady do. When art energy works itself up in a few days, I'll hack a triangle into the back of my hair to fix that. Nice thing about doing your own hair is there's no fear about getting it wrong. Don't like it? Re-sculpt it.

Friends of mine who cry over a bad color or cut? Let's just say, "Don't understand you, girls!" (BTW that's not me in the old-lady photo below, but my current cut is similar. Needs weight off the back, right?)

Sometimes we forget to thank God for simple conveniences and days full of small peace-s. We neglect gratitude for soul satisfaction and rest. This morning I'm counting my blessings, one by one.

What small peaces are refreshing you today? List 3 or 4 on a post-it and stick them near your computer screen where they make you smile and remind you to be grateful to God for every mercy and blessing.

Read more:
*The Lord grants peace within your borders. Psalm 147:14

*I will make peace your governor and righteousness your ruler. Isaiah 60:17 (NIV)

*Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God. Matthew 5:9

*Everything is for your sake, so that grace, as it extends to more and more people, may increase thanksgiving, to the glory of God. 2 Corinthians 4:15

Moravian Prayer: Dear God, lover of peace, thank you for showing us paths to peace in our daily lives. Help us to show others by our words and our lives that living peaceably is sharing your love. Lead us to share the news of your grace to all those around
us through our words and ac-tions. May we thus glorify your name.
In Jesus' name we pray. Amen.

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