Friday, June 7, 2013

Friends on the path

"We mist be willing to let go of the life we planned 
so as to have the life that is waiting for us."--Joseph Campbell

Whoever Campbell is, what a profound statement! What life is waiting for you?

Today we say goodbye to our former life, get on a red-eye to Springfield, MO, and begin our missionary journey. We'd love your prayers and support.

I'm unapologetic in asking you for financial help.  W and I thought we'd never do fundraising, though we support many missionaries ourselves.

"Why are you hesitant?" asked a friend who has raised a lot of money for ministries. "Is this what God has asked you to do? Is it worth doing?" He reminded us that we were not the focus of the future. God is, and he may send us, but He calls his Family alongside those who go.

God's calling us. Our work is Kingdom work, planting a church in an unreached area and training ministry leaders in sound theology and practice. We're stepping out to join the people that we've been supporting. What a high and holy privilege to ask you to send us, too!

Next year is already filling up. We have begun to schedule appointments: W loves to discuss theology, God among us. I love missions in our neighborhoods, writing, and connecting people and their gifts to service in the church.

Please partner with us: click here to support us :-). Giving is a spiritual gift. For us, it's been a delightful privilege with many rewards. Whether you partner with us or others, enjoy it!

***Here's a fantastic opportunity! (For us or other mission projects.)***

Host for Indonesia - support the Kowalski's mission! Can you host a Japanese student for a couple weeks this Summer?

These students are coming here to study English and tour Seattle. The combination of vacation/study is a great way for 
students to spend their Summer and gain the educational experience of a lifetime! 

Students go to their study center (usually at a college/university/or church) from 9am-4pm, Monday-Friday. 
They study English for 3 hours and go on tours. The weekends are yours to enjoy with your student.

Host Families:
Host families are the foundation of these groups! Your Japanese student will be in the position of having to communicate with your family - in English; what an amazing education! What we ask is that you treat your student like one of your own kids for the short time he/she is with you by providing:

- meals (breakfast, a sack lunch, dinner)
- transportation to and from the study center (carpool connections will be available when possible-no public transportation)
- private bed - the room can be shared with a host family child of the same gender (mattress on the floor is ok)
- family interaction (board/video games, shopping, playing outside, meals, church, etc.)

Stipend: this is a not-taxable income that is designed to generously reimburse expenses and thank you for your hospitality.
Here are the groups still available:
Rakusei High (boys only) July 25-Aug 7.  Stipend is $390
8 more families. Edmonds Church of God

Dokkyo High (boys only) July 22-Aug 4. Stipend is $390
33 more families. Northlake Christian Church (Brier/Bothell)

Kanto High, (boys/girls) July 26-Aug 11.  Stipend is $480
22 more families. UW Bothell

Suma High (boys/girls) July 31-Aug 12.  Stipend is $330
16 more families. UW Seattle (vanpool will be provided)
Numazu University (boys/girls) Sept 2-14. Stipend is $360
3 more families. UW Seattle/Kaplan - (vanpool will be provided)

Transportation explanation:
Driving and carpools will help the students get to their study center between 8:30-9am, and picked upat 4pm.

Vanpool - two of our programs this Summer (Suma/Numazu) have a vanpool. There will be 3-5 vans driving around to pick up students at numerous pre-arranged points, making it closer for the host families to drop their student. Once we have all the host family sign ups, then we'll choose central locations (like Starbucks) that will be a safe place for you to drop off your student while they wait for the van to arrive in the morning and wait for you in the afternoon.

How to sign up (or who to talk to for more questions):email Shaun Wilson at, or call or text 425-408-2993.
He will speak with you further, get a 1 pg application filled out, and sign you up!

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