Monday, May 12, 2014

3 things that probably will never happen

Saturday's event may have been W's last NU graduation as full-time prof of 29 years. He'll be teaching online courses and doing other educational things but this is the end of an era for him. It's been fun for me, too. When we first came, I coordinated the women's group for faculty, staff, and spouses. I've been alum director, art chair, and taught off and on. When we lived next door to NU, the campus lawns and ponds were our kids' playground.

Looking forward to new adventures, we don't know what's ahead. But here are some things that I bet will never happen: (Photos below from

1. I'll never be a world-class artist (like Walton Ford, for example). That's ok. I like dabbling in watercolors and other artistic endeavors. I'm a happy amateur at a lot of things.

Paul Kasmin Gallery, NY: Walton Ford exhibition
2. I won't ever be an astonishing athlete. Being fit enough to function works. At a checkup yesterday, the doc smiled at me and said, "Doing good. See you whenever." That's fine with me.

A Sydney tournament: Swans vs Hawks

3. I doubt I'll ever be a "pet parent" or let a dog lick my face. Among the things we're letting go of here is dog ownership. I'm miss my dog, but he's one of the things we leave behind. Who'd put an animal in a long quarantine? We like him too much for that... 

Dortmund, Germany: dog show

I'm okay with all of the above. 

What aspirations have you left behind? What accomplishments of others don't matter to you? 

Aren't you glad to be who you are, the person God designed for this time and this place and this adventure? Thanks be to God.

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