Friday, June 25, 2010

Reneging on a handshake

I'm kinda ticked. Sonia and I (and her mother) shook hands over sending Spike to their place for 2-3 weeks this summer. I gave Sonia some good-will money up front to hold a good deal for her and me - she's young, and this is great summer pay for a kid who will walk and play with my dog.

Yesterday I got an email saying, "Hope all is well. How about more money? My mom thought I should ask for more." What? She asked a small amount - $5 a day to keep our dog for a final week. But we had an agreement for a set amount for 2-3 weeks. I probably would have given her the same amount in a tip for a job well-done.

I asked my son what he thought. "To keep good will, I'd just pay the money. She might be a good resource in the future."

Maybe she will be a good resource. But it bothers me that an arrangement was so easily forgotten. That a child is being taught that more is better... and it is okay to go back on a contract. I will pay, but I'm not sure I trust her or her mom as much as I did at our first meeting.

There have been many times when I have gone back on my word as well. Not lived up to my obligations. Disappointed people, and lived to regret my dishonesty, greed, or lack of manners.

I'm glad God is utterly trustworthy. He never reneges on his promises. His faithfulness endures forever, and his Word is his bond. He even promised to forgive us as we would forgive those who trespassed against us. Whew. Let me get out my wallet right now!

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*O LORD, You are my God. I will exalt You, I will praise Your name, for You have done wonderful things; Your counsels of old are faithfulness and truth. Isaiah 25:1 NKJV

*Here is a trustworthy saying: If we died with him,  we will also live with him; if we endure, we will also reign with him. If we disown him, he will also disown us; if we are faithless, he will remain faithful, for he cannot disown himself. 2 Timothy 2:11-13 NIV

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