Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The final Wednesday

"So what are you doing, this last week in Seattle?"

Beautiful food at a goodbye supper
This is what the day looked like:
  • Up early, I cooked breakfast, a healthy homemade muesli. Got the calendar, emails, and a thank you note squared away. I'm still a bit under the weather from my first (and last!) colonoscopy on Monday. Doc gave me a clean bill of health - after talking me into the exam. There's no reason to put myself through that again. Ever.
  • 2 pampering treats (who gets one, never mind two in a day!?) First, I used up a Groupon for the Aveda training school (got an exceptional facial  from student Renee), then got a quick pedicure at a spot recommended by Gail J. 
  • W was clearing out his computer office at NU, and later sold a few things.
  • A gal came by to talk and pick up donations for a garage sale. She's fundraising for her son's college tuition. She also purchased the first piece of furniture W and I acquired together, an antique table we bought in Duval just after we moved to NU as students. Very strange to see that go out the door.
  • Then dear Korista L dropped by for some tea and a chat. We move away before her wedding, so it was pure pleasure to have her share some of her plans and creativity. Plus her hairstyle is amazing ... so pretty (got a trial bride-hairdo today). So sorry we'll miss your new beginning, my friend.
  • Had supper at a nearby restaurant with our kids and grandkids who leave for the MT cabin Friday. Much of the food at our place is sorted or given away. We'll clear out the fridge tomorrow or the next day. I love noodles, so am delighted to have an excuse for Korean or Indonesian ramen at last once a day.
  • Kissed our grandkids goodnight. Repeated our sleep formula: "These are the eyes, the nose, the lips, the chin, one cheek, another cheek, one ear, another ear," touching each one, until our granddaughter was sleepy.
One of many things still to shed: a StorMor shell that can
be strapped to a van rooftop or stash stuff in the garage
Those were the to-dos that can be counted. In between, we did a few washloads of slipcovers and clothing. Little by little the house is unravelling and re-forming. 

Similarly, we feel an inner transition into the future, between the goodbyes and wrapping up things (6 appointments tomorrow). Each day this week is an ending: "the last Wednesday," "the last Thursday," etc. Very strange indeed.

Several friends who've gone to live overseas told us that they understand the shift going on in our minds. They've gone through the process of wrapping up life here to live out their calling elsewhere. Their kind reassurance of God's presence on the journey provides a reassuring perspective. 

Read more:
*You make the winds your messengers, fire and flame your ministers. Psalm 104:4 ESV

*Since the ship was caught and could not be turned head-on into the wind, we gave way to it and were driven. Acts 27:15 ESV

Moravian Prayer: Kindle within us, Lord, the fire of passion to do your will. Let us be pushed along like the mighty waves to show others the fervor that you have instilled in us for the work of your kingdom. Amen.

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