Thursday, March 12, 2020

Living in a time of fear

The world has never been a safe place. There’s always been something to be afraid of.

The world has never been so prosperous or healthy as now. Humanity has never had such knowledge and good medical care.

But with the current pandemic sweeping the globe, we’re being pushed once again into fear mode.

For some, that means stocking up on toilet paper and beans. Others freeze in fear or get caught up in the online frenzy of "what's next?" and "barricade yourself inside your home."
The one thing that is true about human experience, for every single one of us, is that we are passing through this life. Once we are born, we will die.

We grieve for children, teens, and young adults who don’t live a “full lifespan” of reaching retirement. We cry for those loved ones we miss.
Most people try to stave off that end of life  as long as possible. And yet we can be certain – as certain as we are that we were born – that someday, others will weep for us as well.

Yet every day that we're alive, we get to choose. Will the days marked out for us be full of joy and life ... or anxiety and worry?

Today, you and I can and will choose either a positive, hopeful life or deepest despair. The day is ours.
It depends on whether we decide to dwell on what is true, noble, hopeful, full of life, or what is wrong, what could happen, and our deepest fears. Where is your gaze focused today?

“God has not given us a spirit of fear,” wrote a mentor to his spiritual child. Their time was full of political upheaval, crazy murderous Caesars, and deathly persecution all around. “But [God has given us] the spirit of power, love, and a sound mind," said Paul to Timothy.

Another way to put it is this: “For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline.” 2 Timothy 1:7

Are you living out that reality? Are you timid. Fearful? Or are you awestruck at God's power, his understanding, and his presence everywhere? (Theologians call that His omnipotence, omniscience, and omnipresence.)

Today you get to choose.
 Every morning, you get to choose love, power, self-discipline, and sound thinking. OR fear and timidity.

With all the fear swirling around you, will you choose to love and care for others? Will you choose love and God’s power?

Will you trust God to wrap your fears in the confidence that he is watching over you and yours? It's up to you.

Some day the doors of eternity will swing open. You will see what you only dreamed of.

You have this hope, God’s loving gift to you through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Jesus paid the debts we could never pay and heals what we could never heal.

You can be certain that God will mend everything that is broken on this planet. He will also untwist what is twisted in you.
So when everyone is panicking around you, take a deep breath. Take in the love of Christ and take that love with you. Live life to the full. Whether you’re in quarantine or 'out and about.'

It's still true: "God is greater than our hearts and he knows everything!" 1 John 3:20b You absolutely can trust him with your life today. And tomorrow, too.

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  1. thank you for posting this. Everyone needs to read it, internalize, believe,and find some peace.