Saturday, December 14, 2013

31 Days in December #14: Long walk uphill

The kitchen opens at 8 or 9. We have a leisurely morning after a long night watch of 2-6am. The house is decorated in red and white, crisp and cheerful in preparation for Christmas.

Doris is  a great cook: we usually eat eggs, bread, sausage, and cheese for breakfast and have a hot lunch.

In the afternoon we walk 5 km through the neighborhood to the next village. It's a steep climb up but the view is spectacular. 

The church clock tower rises above the graveyard. And down at the lakeside, the castle and pier stand guard. It's more fun to walk downhill, no question about it.

In the evening, we head for a concert conducted by my brother Lawrence and hosted by the local church.


  1. Thank you for the pictures! When Dad and I visited I think they were in the process of moving in! I remember those cupboards being extremely awesome.

  2. That's a weird thing (to us) about Germany and Switzerland: your kitchen cabinets move with you and you fit them into the space. The kitchen comes with a backsplash and an empty floor. Looks great.