Sunday, December 15, 2013

31 Days in December #15: All together now

The concerts go well. Lawrence writes the arrangements, pulls together musicians, and manages a creative show. It's relaxing to watch because he's done so many events; small glitches don't phase him. The lights flicker but the music goes on. After all these years of hearing his music, we're still in for a musical treat.

The tables are packed with enthusiastic listeners at every concert. We sing carols between songs by the choir and band. Overhead the young tech crawls on the beams to adjust the lights.

My brother plays a few violin solos, to the delight of the crowd.

Lawrence plays his 5-yr-old gift from Dad,
sadly not a hockey stick ... but a violin

And when it's over, young servers hand out coffee, spiced cider, and home-baked cookies (Saturday) and home-baked egg braid bread (Sunday). The Swiss take fantastic baking for granted.

20" of bread left from the long loaf
Everyone takes a long afternoon nap after lunch. We walk along the lake as the sun drops behind the Alps.

Wally and Doris at lakeside
A boat at sundown

It's a long uphill climb to the top of our walk. We catch our breath and start down, back home.

Beautiful silhouette of the clock tower 

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