Sunday, December 8, 2013

31 Days in December #8: The unchanging view

We grew up with Mt. Cheam on the horizon. We walked toward it on our way to school. We faced it anytime we headed east. We watched the weather and seasons batter and illumine it. The skies above and vegetation of the slopes adjusted, but its shape was unchanged.

A mountain worth remembering: Cheam
I loved that mountain range as it hovered over my teen years. I marveled at the enormity of God's creation because of it.

As we drove into our hometown Saturday, the mountain lit up twenty miles away, its snow sparkling in the sunshine. It was a pleasure to look at the mountain from my parents' driveway.

What constant thing or person remains from your childhood? Do you ever visit and remember with gratitude all God has done since your "mountain" appeared on the horizon?

It's nice how some things stay the same.

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