Sunday, October 16, 2011

31 days of learning: #14-16

14. Sitting in W's class, I am astonished to hear one of his students has just published a book on God's abundance in response to our obedience... with a new twist. Can't wait to read it, especially after meeting the author. He's working on a M.Div. and is the first one in his family to complete HIGH SCHOOL, never mind college. I learned that God implants us with desires that require our obedience to glorify him.
15. I visit with a retired pastor who just wrote a book on an Old Testament character who has mentored his ministry. The gentleman came alive with excitement, telling me how he loves to explore God's Word. I learned that God's message to us bring great delight through a whole lifetime of exploration.
16. Friends of ours loaned me their lakefront cabin for the next week of research. I enjoyed church in the morning first. Cheryl Taylor knocks it out of the park in her sermon, and when the pastor calls for prayer, I find I've been sitting in the corner where people go to pray at the end of the service. I take advantage of my proximity... The man who prays for me to be able to focus on studies looks familiar. He is none other than Keith Kidwell, an alum of NU (our kids are friends, too). Cheryl and Keith, I learned that God works in the smallest details through his people, his wonders to perform. Thank you, as the sun goes down on this beautiful view.

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