Sunday, October 2, 2011

31 days of Learning #2: "Are there dogs in heaven?"

Animals have different kind of souls than humans, according to scripture. I remembered that, sitting in adult class this morning talking about the wonder of salvation from Romans 8.

W, who's teaching the sessions, had just said, "Jesus died for people, not for poodles."He explained that God sent his Son to die for humanity, not for animals.

The gal next to me looked bemused. I leaned over to her and whispered, "We have two poodles. That's why he mentioned them."

She responded, "I'm sure there are dogs in heaven. It wouldn't be 'the same' without them."

[The same as what? Life on earth? As our imagination of heaven?]

I agreed with her sentiment if not with her assumption. "Dogs are cool. There might be some dogs in heaven. But scripture gives no indication that they sin or need a Savior."

On the way home, I mentioned the conversation to W, ending with, "I think she's right about there being creatures. But what kind will they be? What sort of animal would worship the Lamb?

Without a pause, W shot back, "A sheep dog!"

I lost my breath. He caught me off guard. I laughed long and hard, and W laughed along. It took me several minutes to recover composure.

What I learned today was that a serious theologian and my marvelous husband can still surprise me with his wit and humor. 

I was reminded that we DO know the most important things:
  • We are loved by God. Cherished. Bought with a price and set free to live fully. 
  • Our greatest privilege and best task are to look like Jesus, and glorify him day in and day out.

[With or without pets, now or in the future.]

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  1. Speaking as the "theologian husband," Isa 65:25 seems to indicate the presence of wolves, lambs, and lions (so the canine tribe is represented) in God's new creation. Further, Isa 11:6-9 has an expanded list of animals (add leopards, goats, cows, bears, and maybe even snakes which are no longer harmful), but the context in which this occurs is a bit less defined, as some future time of renewal. So, dogs in heaven? Probably!

  2. I'm just waiting for an appointment, and almost laughed out loud in the lobby. Sheep dogs indeed :)