Sunday, October 23, 2011

31 days of Learning #23: lead by love and life

I'd go to New Life Church if I lived here. I've attended three Sundays, listened to the pastor's heart for the people, watched the congregation love on each other, and enjoyed the worship.

Thing is, all three weeks, guest speakers led the talks. The pastor wrapped up the service with no great fanfare. There was no competition with the guests for, "I'm the boss" or, "Here I am to do the important part of closing the meeting." The invitation was simple: let's meet with God and surrender our own preferences to follow the path He has marked out for us. Each week offered time for a cooperative, family commitment as well as a personal one.

I felt that the pastor was leading the way into God's presence. I WANTED to yield to God, rather than feeling coerced or manipulated. Judging by the response of those around me, many others felt the same.

Lesson #23: the more a leader attends to the interest of others, the more influence s/he exerts. The deeper the leader's relationship with God, the less s/he has to strive to be heard or to raise her/his voice.

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