Friday, October 21, 2011

31 days of learning: #18-21

18. Tuesday I learned that it's easy to skim thru historical documents 'at a distance' and miss the point of the writers. I slowed myself to experience the words, and was swept back to 1916-25.

19. Thinking about what early missionaries had asked God for made me realize how shallow my prayers have been. Oh God, give me worthwhile prayers!

20. The lake glittered with sunshine but the air remained a cool55o. I learned that flip-flops are great, as long as you don't stand still too long, talking to the neighbors. Brrrr for my feet.

21. I learned to let go of something I can't controll, another plethora of written tests that prove nothing but to cause anxiety... Tutorial comprehensives. Had been told there are no more written tests.

I'm not sure I can recommend this program to those in full time ministry. So far, 2.5 years of classes, 3 weeks of added directed study in MO, 2 comprehensive exams on core courses, dissertation proposal (takes about a year to get it approved) 4 self-directed tutorials that need advisors' approval, comp exams on the tutorials, put it together in a dissertation, get it edited by a copy editor and revise, get it approved by the committee.

So far, to 'working on tutorials' stage has taken over 4 years. I want to graduate and get it over with. Thinking about another set of comps, I could come almost undone. So the lesson of the day is, forgedabatit until I have to do them.

22. Hospitality costs the giver, but the reward to the recipient is beyond giving thanks. I've just had a week in a quiet house overlooking a shoreline... God has displayed his beauty and faithfulness as I've written, undone, read, and written some more. So grateful to Taylors for their generosity! It's back into town tomorrow to continue work in the library and meet with tutorial advisors.

Tanks to all those who prayed that I could focus... I got lots done and feel I accomplished a significant chunk of work. Thanks be to God.

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