Tuesday, October 11, 2011

31 days of Learning #11 & 12: Oh man. Oops. Oh woman.

It's been interesting (to say the least) to read the arguments against women ministering in American churches since the mid-1800s. Not much has changed. Language maybe. The reality? Many women have served in missions and pioneered outposts. But established churches and denominations "want a man" as their leader. The strong calling of a few women has made way for them to do extraordinary ministry, regardless of cultural restrictions.

The women's cohort of AGTS is here, learning, studying, laughing, and crying together. I'm not part of the cohort, but ate lunch with them to eavesdrop on their session. "I'm forever ruined for a mixed gender classroom," said one, wiping tears from her face after they spent a session sharing their dreams and calling with classmates. "Hearing the heart of Jesus through women is fantastic. We are so open to speak and listen to each other."

I get irritated with feminists who thump on men for being male. I'm not waving a flag for women's rights. But I want to encourage women--and men--who have heard the call of God to ministry to pursue that with all their hearts.

Lesson 11: Ask God what he expects of us and depend on his open doors rather than people's permissions. Letting the worldview chips fall where they may, women and men are called to follow God's plan for us. Effective ministry plows a way for acceptance of its delivery system and/or person.

Lesson 12: (for tomorrow) When ministering to a calling is impossible, it may be time to move on to work elsewhere. Don't be afraid that God will reshape us through education and experiences and then leave us without participation in his Church.


  1. Very encouraging! Thanks for sharing your insights!

  2. Very encouraging! Thanks for sharing your insights!......................