Monday, October 17, 2011

31 days of learning: #17 weather amnesia

This morning I sat huddled over my computer in a screened porch, as the temperature slowly crept to 70o. W asked if I'd stayed warm. Well, yes. Undershirt, turtleneck, velour pullover, double knit housecoat with a hoodie, over thick socks in closed shoes, and jeans. Oh, and a hot water bottle on my lap, all wrapped up under a fleecy blanket. Just right.

Forecasters predicted thunderstorms tonight. I couldn't imagine that, looking through the trees to the sun-dapples lake.

Now that night has fallen, acorns and twigs are crashing onto the porch roof and the rain is gushing down between thunderbolts. I can hardly believe it was warm and sunny when I walked outside at 2pm.

Lesson #17: weather amnesia R us... But living in the moment is ok. Earplugs and warm blankets, please.

What kind of things do YOU find easy to forget?

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