Saturday, October 8, 2011

31 days of learning: #6-8 on the road again

#6 it is more exciting to plan a trip when you're under 55.
#7 it is fun to travel with someone you like, in this case W. Having a Delta Sky Club membership helps, too.
#8 it is more tasty to eat apple crisp someone else has made.

I'm in Springfield MO for 3 weeks of study. I made good progress editing two tutorials on the flights. However, the focused reading made me realize how much I still have to do before I can hand it in! Yikes.

We are at the lake cabin this weekend with Taylors, enjoying tremendous food, a beautiful view, and good friends. I get a lot of academic work done in four or five hours of solid effort, sitting in a screen porch overlooking the shoreline. Jay has four projects for his dad and W, and they get them all completed.

It's 81o at 8pm, according to Jay. Feels cooler, and my toes are cold while everyone else is warm and toasty. The crickets are chirping, the geese have tucked their noisy bills under their wings for the night.

All is well, and all is well.

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